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Credit hours will be awarded until this package's expiration date of 08/27/2021

Created specifically for dental hygienists, this package of continuing education courses offers 10 credit hours.

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  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea: A Comprehensive Review for Dental Professionals, 2nd Ed. - L0925

    Most current dental school curricula do not give dental students the appropriate knowledge base and clinical eperience to treat OSA patient. This recently updated Intermediate-level course discusses the latest evidence-based diagnostic approaches for OSA and outlines recommeneded treatment strategies..

  • Human Trafficking: Overview for Healthcare Professionals - L0909

    This intermediate level course for healthcare professionals is an introduction into the complex crime of human trafficking, with a focus on sex and labor trafficking and the common symptoms and conditions that occur in trafficked persons. The course provides insights into the facts surrounding human trafficking and relevant health risks for the trafficked person.

  • Infection Control, Cross Contamination, and Instrument Sterilization, 2nd Ed. - L0926

    Infection control is vital to the safe, effective treatment of patients in the dental office. This basic-level course is a refresher for dental healthcare professionals on infection control, cross contamination, and instrument sterilization techniques. Areas addressed include infection control guidelines; understanding standard versus universal precautions; sterilization and disinfection of patient care items; goals for ensuring disease containment through proper instrument recirculation techniques; handling of contaminated instruments from the treatment room through precleaning, cleaning, and preparation for sterilization; the most commonly used (and accepted) methods of dental instrument sterilization; environmental infection control; dental unit waterlines, biofilm, and water quality; and other infection control considerations.

  • Allergic Reactions to Metals in the Mouth, 3rd Edition - L0927

    A wide variety of materials used for the construction of dental restorations, prostheses, and dental implants have the potential to cause allergic reactions among dental patients.This basic-level course reviews the importance of metals for human health, identifies common harmful metals and their role in disease, and discusses hypersensitivity reactions, with particular regard to metal allergies in medical and dental patients. Such an understanding will help dental professionals make better-informed decisions about which biomaterials are the safest and most effective.

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