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Contact hours will be awarded until this package's expiration date of 7/13/2021.

This package contains eight individual courses that go toward fulfilling the continuing education requirements for Dental Hygienists in Missouri.

This package replaces LH1MO.

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  • Oral Health Issues for the Female Patient, 2nd Edition - L0891

    Oral health encompasses the craniofacial complex and includes the teeth, periodontium, mucosa, gingiva, oral pharynx, temporomandibular joints, and muscles used for mastication. While men and women face many common oral health issues, it is no longer acceptable to consider oral health to be gender neutral. Indeed, women differ from men in their oral health needs and concerns. This basic-level course explores the variables affecting Women's oral health and discusses the issues and concerns that dental professionals face in providing care to their female patients.

  • Social Determinants of Pediatric Oral Health - L0904

    This intermediate-level course will provide an overview of the significant effect of the social determinants of oral health on children, including socioeconomic status (SES), family structure, social environment, culture and healthcare delivery systems. The course will also examine the significant oral health inequalities that exist among children and the importance of social environment on oral health outcomes.

  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea: A Comprehensive Review for Dental Professionals, 2nd Ed. - L0925

    Most current dental school curricula do not give dental students the appropriate knowledge base and clinical eperience to treat OSA patient. This recently updated Intermediate-level course discusses the latest evidence-based diagnostic approaches for OSA and outlines recommeneded treatment strategies..

  • Human Trafficking: Overview for Healthcare Professionals - L0909

    This intermediate level course for healthcare professionals is an introduction into the complex crime of human trafficking, with a focus on sex and labor trafficking and the common symptoms and conditions that occur in trafficked persons. The course provides insights into the facts surrounding human trafficking and relevant health risks for the trafficked person.

  • Three Drug Classes Every Dental Professional Should Know, 2nd Ed. - L0943

    Oral healthcare professionals (OHCPs) are routinely involved with the selection and prescription of medications for their patients. This course is designed to help them become better-informed prescribers of the top three drug classes employed in dentistry: antibiotics, analgesics, and local anesthetics. This intermediate-level course is specifically designed for all members of the dental healthcare team: dentists, dental hygienists, and dental assistants. Since the goal of providing medication in dentistry is to ensure selection of the right drug at the right time and at the right dose for the right patient and the right procedure, the information presented in this course should be considered essential knowledge for all OHCPs, both seasoned and newly credentialed.

  • Humor in Dentistry - L0980

    This course will discuss ways in which healthcare providers can incorporate humor into care of individuals and their families. To support the suggestions regarding humor in practice, this text offers discussion of various studies pointing out the efficacy of humor in health care. The target population for this basic-level course is any dental professional who works with patients, as well as any healthcare provider who wants to improve his or her knowledge of therapeutic humor.

  • Dental Public Health Practice, Infrastructure, and Workforce in the United States - L0983

    Dental Public Health (DPH) and the private practice model of care delivery together bear the responsibility of assuring optimal oral health for all Americans - individuals and populations. One of the greatest barriers to oral health care is a lack of dental services. This can be called the greatest unmet oral health need in the United States. This intermediate-level course, appropriate for all dental professionals, outlines dental public health, its focus, infrastructure and how the dental public health workforce strives to improve populations oral health.

  • Medicinal Marijuana - L1000

    Designed for dentists, dental hygienists, and dental assistants, this intermediate-level course will review the pharmacology and current state of medicinal marijuana as it relates to oral health care.


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